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Matthew T. Grant’s Smallish Circle Podcast

Timothy LearyI’ve officially launched my latest podcast, “Matthew T. Grant’s Smallish Circle,” in which I interview people I know and people I’ve met and, sometimes, talk about people I’ve known or met.

The first official installment finds me recounting a strange afternoon I spent with Timothy Leary. It will make you laugh, then cry, then sort of giggle like when some one cheers you up after you’ve been crying.

To get the ball rolling, I re-uploaded an interview I did with Dr. James Intriligator, consumer psychologist and polymath, which I recorded as part of The Talent Blog Podcast. I will be adding a few other choice morsels from that adventure in DYI social mediation but, in the main, this podcast will feature never-before-consumed conversations with my remarkable friends and acquaintances about the remarkable things they’ve done and seen and the remarkable lessons they are willing to share with you as you strive to attain your own personal levels of remarkability.

You can subscribe to “Matthew T. Grant’s Smallish Circle” via RSS or through iTunes.

If there if someone you’d like to hear me talk with or talk about, please let me know!

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