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Getting Serious about #onewordwednesday

I launched the incredibly successful Twitternet phenomenon, #onewordwednesday, in May 2009, at least by my reckoning.


The fact that on every subsequent Wednesday (and sometimes earlier) the hashtag has seen action, and not just due to my own fervid zealotry, I consider one of the few real achievements of my adult life.

Nevertheless, I fear that I have been lax to the point of wishi-washiness on what constitutes proper observance of #onewordwednesday. Among other things, my wavering spirit has led some to attempt a #onewordwednesday takeover, albeit it in the interest of your eternal salvation.

Today, however, I’m drawing a line in the sand and stating clearly and definitively, that true, devout observance of #onewordwednesday calls for limiting all Tweets that day to ONE WORD.

“But Matthew T. Grant, what about retweets or the sharing of links?”

Gosh darn it! OK. Fine. As Buffy Saint-Marie once sang, “I was an oak, now I’m a willow, now I can bend.”

  • You may retweet other contributions to the #onewordwednesday experience until the 140 character limit has been achieved.
  • You may also share links if and only if the Tweet consists of nothing more than one word and a shortened URL.

Look, I’m not asking that everyone across the Twitterverse adhere to this standard of observance. I simply want to provide those interested in truth, purity, and righteousness a guiding light and a clear sign that they may better find their way on the path to (#)one(wordwednesday)ness.


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2 Responses

  1. Frank Days says:

    What if the word is one of those really long german ones that are longer than 140 characters with that ridiculously long hashtag?

    Or much less when someone violates the sanctity of #onewordwednesday and dare to RT?

    Have you considered #WWW or oneWW or #1WW, instead.

    In the words of the immortal Homer Simpson, D’oh.

  2. admin says:

    As usual, Frank, you raise some good and annoying points, though now you make me want to create a hashtag that’s 140 characters long.