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The Conet Project: Acht Neun Null

Very strange recordings of shortwave radio messages apparently used by intelligence agencies during the Cold War but introduced to a broader audience after becoming an object of obsessive interest for hipster dad-rockers like Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy. Check it out:

Audio Courtesy of Irdial and

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  1. it was the stacking that gave me the answer. start one, wait n sec, then the next. wait n+1 sec, then the third. n+2, then the fourth. I made it to six before the illumination got too intense.

    ich verstehe – al ist klar, herr kommissar

  2. just realized that in google reader, the post has all the tracks separated into individual players, thus allowing the use of a secret decoder ring to crack the code. is it just coincidence I’m reading dan brown right now? I think not…

  3. I know, the embed is weird.