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Who is Matthew T. Grant?

Matthew T. Grant has chosen as his tag-line, “Tall Guy. Glasses.” He has done so for several reasons. First of all, he is above average in height for the human male (6′ 7″). Second of all, he wears glasses (I’ve … Continue reading

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SEO-Friendly Title

Keyword-laden content. Self-credentialing commentary and links. Call to action. Thus ends this morning’s lesson.

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What’s My Brand?

I’ve got personal branding on the brain these days, and not just thanks to Dan Schawbel. Yesterday, I posted something on MarketingProf’s Daily Fix blog which I intended to be humorous but was not read (by everyone, anyway) as such. … Continue reading

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The Medium Is (still) the Message

Anyone familiar with Marshall McLuhan, and even those who aren’t, have heard his famous line, “The medium is the message.” What this one-liner says in a nutshell is: the content of any particular medium matters less than the impact it … Continue reading

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Web Design as Orchestration

The last post I published for Aquent’s Talent Blog was on the topic of aleatoric design. It was a response to the much maligned Skittles website reconception. The main point I wanted to make was this: Of course, Skittles, with … Continue reading

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You’re Nobody ’til Somebody Monetizes You

The other night I attended a presentation by Dan Schawbel, “the leading personal branding expert for Gen-Y.” His approach to personal branding – the art of marketing yourself – is very methodical and he communicated it in a clear, practical … Continue reading

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