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I Got Nothing

You know how people say that when they got nothing? Well, that’s why I’m saying it now.

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Consensus, Hierarchy and the #Occupy Movement

A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook: It explains the consensus process used by the Occupy Wall Street folks. I lived in a cooperative house in college that relied on this process to make all decisions, so I … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street: An Infantile Disorder?

I read this New York Times article about the demands, or lack thereof, of the Occupy Wall Street movement and it reminded me of Lenin’s Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder. If I remember correctly, Lenin’s pamphlet was aimed at German radicals … Continue reading

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I was doing OK there for a while with posting every day, but got slipped up by being out of town (after getting slipped up by the weekend). Going to get back in the game. I must say, for the … Continue reading

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Focus Means Saying “No”

Back in August I became conscious of this fellow, Derek Sivers, who created CD Baby (later selling it for $22 million and giving the proceeds to a charitable trust for music education). If you poke around his blog, you’ll quickly … Continue reading

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In Praise of Waylon Jennings

Back in ’88 I really dug the Cowboy Junkies’ The Trinity Session. Their spacey take on country (had “alt country” been invented yet? I mean aside from Rank and File?) was deep and cool. From the spare lonesome of “Mining … Continue reading

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Depression Is Not Simply an Intellectual Error

When I tell my wife I’m depressed, she’ll often ask, “Why?” I usually explain that, at least for me, depression is rarely a response to some negative event. If it were, I would call it “sadness” or “unhappiness” or “disappointment.” … Continue reading

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Reality Is My Religion

I can’t say that I believe in God, but I do believe that there is a real reality. Yes, I’ve heard about relativity and multiple universes and even the astral plane. And, yes, I understand that seen at a certain … Continue reading

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Taking Refuge in Gravity’s Rainbow

“Um über die nachträgliche Abspannung der Nerven hinwegzukommen habe ich leider wieder zum Chloroform meine Zuflucht genommen. Die Wirkung war furchtbar.” – Georg Trakl, 1905 I’ve begun to re-immerse myself in the intricate and densely overwrought sprawl of Pynchon’s masterwork. … Continue reading

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The Very Crown of Wisdom

“There, thought Arren, lay the very heart of wizardry: to hint at mighty meanings while saying nothing at all, and to make doing nothing at all seem the very crown of wisdom.” – from Ursula K. LeGuin’s The Farthest Shore … Continue reading

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