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Is That True?

I once worked for a CEO who would, when someone made a declarative statement such as, “Toothpaste is made with formaldehyde and detergent,” frequently ask, “Is that true?” It always surprised me how disarmed I felt when he would ask … Continue reading

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I tend to get lost in labyrinths of anxiety-fueled or vaguely apocalyptic thought. When I’m far down the rabbit-hole these days, though, I’ll catch myself and start focusing on my breath. As soon as I do, my posture improves (I … Continue reading

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Academic Time

If you have never attended the MLA or any other conference in the humanities, then you may not be aware that the traditional mode of presentations at these affairs is “slow reading.” That is, people sit at a skirted table … Continue reading

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The Bad News

The Finnish eco-fascist Pennti Linkola once said that, “The most central and irrational faith among people is the faith in technology and economical growth.” Along the same lines, he also opined, “”Any dictatorship would be better than modern democracy. There cannot … Continue reading

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Reconstruction of a Talk Given on Walter Benjamin and Twitter (Part 2)

This is the second part of a textual reconstruction of a talk I gave on Benjamin at SUNY Albany. After setting things up in the first part of my presentation on Benjamin and Twitter, and demonstrating how the cyberflâneur was … Continue reading

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Trouble With Length

A friend pointed out that the most effective posts on this blog are the shortest.

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