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Blogging for the Hell of It

Yesterday, in a class on “Blogging” that she was teaching as part of a course my company produced, Erika Napoletano said something to the effect that, “Nobody blogs just for the hell of it.” My first response was: “Actually, I … Continue reading

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The Web and Total Surveillance

Years ago I became obsessed with Ezra Pound, the fascist poet, and so I was reading a magazine article about his stay in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and there was a fuzzy photo of Pound in there and the caption read something … Continue reading

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On Message

In my post about Odd Future, I said that music today—”mainstream” music, pop, country, “urban,” etc.—was devoid of message; it goes without saying that I was referring to a “political” message. The messages of today’s music, on the contrary, from … Continue reading

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Articles of Faith

The amount of money one makes is the clearest indicator of one’s value to society. Success or failure is solely determined by an individual’s intelligence and strength. Suffering results directly from one’s own personal choices. There are no accidents, only … Continue reading

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