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The Mosh Pit’s One Foundation

The other night I saw Bad Brains at the Paradise. “These guys were gods to us,” I told my friend Ken. He and I had played together in a band that was inspired by the Bad Brains and even had … Continue reading

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Liberal Media Bias or Right-Wing Disinformation Campaign?

Where Does Information Come From? I was following the #Resist44 hashtag on Twitter (which was an anti-Obama response to the #Gen44 hashtag) when I noticed an avatar that read, “WAR ON MARXIST THUGS.” Since I follow at least one other … Continue reading

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The Court Jester

To a satirist The court jester may speak truth to power, cloaked, of course, in jest. And while there is power in this, the jester, alas, may not hold power. Power is serious, and who can take a jester seriously? … Continue reading

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Cyberwar and Asymmetrical Conflict

Very interesting video featuring Major TJ O’Connor, 10th Special Forces Group (A) S-6 (from 20:45 – 33:35). I watched it because The Jester said it would explain why he took downs WikiLeaks back in 2010. Two specific statements made by … Continue reading

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