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The Concept of Ad Space Hits a Pinnacle of Ridiculosity

Checked out a story on the New York Times site. It looked like this: I know you can see Ford’s prominently displayed banner, but you’ll also notice a wee-little banner up in the right-hand corner. If you can’t really tell … Continue reading

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Further Clarification

At the beginning of this video, captured by the ever ebullient Mr. Sonny Gill at the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer back in October, I explain what I do as a “thought ronin” (and talk about what I was digging at … Continue reading

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Thought Ronin

I’ve been a “thought ronin” for going on a year now. In the same way that the lone gunslinger is a staple of the Western, ronin (“masterless samurai”) have been staple figures, and frequently protagonists, in samurai films from the … Continue reading

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Similes That Make Me Smile

Reading two NYT articles today reminded me of how much fun with similes writers over there can have. First, in “The Great Unalignment,” writer Matt Bai says that, in the aftermath of Scott Brown’s Senate victory here in Masschusetts, Democratic … Continue reading

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I saw Avatar yesterday and, well, you know. I thought it would have been so much better if they had discovered that the All-mother, Eywa, was actually an evil AI and the Na’vi people were really her slaves or her … Continue reading

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