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Pat Martino and Tony Monaco at Scullers, May 2010

Caught Pat Martino’s first set at Scullers last night. He was playing with organist Tony Monaco and drummer Jason Brown and confirmed note-by-sinewy-note  his well-deserved status as a living master still very much in possession of his prodigious gifts. Martino’s … Continue reading

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The Big Takeaways Sesh at the MProfs B2B

Bob Knorpp of the Cool Beans Group kicked things off with “pay attention to the keywords you are using in social status updates.” If you are looking for additional SEO power and buzz, focusing on these status updates can have … Continue reading

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“Lead Management Automation Systems” – MProf B2B Forum Sesh

The question central to this session was, “How can marketing automation help produce higher quality leads and foster a better relationship with sales?” The format involved Laura Ramos asking each panel member, all of whom represented marketing automation vendors, to … Continue reading

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“Integrating Social Media into Overall Strategy” – MProfs B2B Forum Sesh

Ron Casalotti of Bloomberg Businessweek kicked things off talking about their Business Exchange social media platform: a people-filtered resource for business people. In order to encourage users to participate, he instituted a rating system for submissions, among other things. With … Continue reading

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“Measuring Marketing Success Against Business Goals” – MProfs B2B Forum Sesh

Quick Take: The strongest part of this session was John Mueting’s very detailed and insightful tale of what they did at Allstate to improve marketing effectiveness. Big Idea: Marketing and sales need to work closely together. Metrics can play an … Continue reading

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MarketingProfs B2B Forum in Boston: Let the Games Begin

Ann Handley has taken the podium and is right now running down the many sponsors of the event. There are quite a few and the emphasis seems to be on marketing automation and related disciplines. That’s just at first blush. … Continue reading

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Three Paths to Social Media $ucce$$!!!

The way I see it, there are three paths to social media success. 1. Invent a Popular Social Media Platform Marshall McLuhan once said something like, “Media owners don’t care what’s on TV, as long as everyone is watching.” To … Continue reading

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