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A Disappointing Film About Norwegian Black Metal

I watched the documentary film Until the Night Takes Us and was disappointed. I really think it fails on every level. Neither a true “history” of black metal (Norwegian or otherwise) nor a revealing portrait of the genre’s main innovators (Fenriz … Continue reading

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Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv, or A Fistful of Super Web Strangeness

I received an email from a fellow named Igor. I assumed it was your garden variety, botnet-generated spam. It did, however, include a link to a Youtube video and, feeling secure that the Russians or Estonians or Ukrainians or whoever … Continue reading

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Thought Ronin

I’ve been a “thought ronin” for going on a year now. In the same way that the lone gunslinger is a staple of the Western, ronin (“masterless samurai”) have been staple figures, and frequently protagonists, in samurai films from the … Continue reading

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I saw Avatar yesterday and, well, you know. I thought it would have been so much better if they had discovered that the All-mother, Eywa, was actually an evil AI and the Na’vi people were really her slaves or her … Continue reading

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The Aesthetic of the Raw Nerve

At times, the philosophical artist will produce a work which primarily expresses the thought that somewhere in the world, right now, there is an open wound. This tendency reaches the stage of decadence, however, when said artist produces, either actually … Continue reading

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Little Hands of Silver

I once blew the mind of a friend when he asked if I could guess his favorite guitarist and I responded, correctly, “Manitas de Plata.” Of course, that was just a lucky shot in the dark, but Manitas de Plata … Continue reading

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The Joker

I may be late to the party, but I always have a good time. See, I final caught Heath Ledger’s swan song in The Dark Knight and, like many people, his performance as the Joker really got under my skin. … Continue reading

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