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Tree of Smoke

I’ve just finished reading a book. One line—”Now James felt as if his head had been chopped off and thrown in boiling water.”—made me burst out laughing. Another two—”Courage is action. Thought is cowardice.”—made me burst into tears. There is … Continue reading

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Real Money

I remember listening to a presentation at a business meeting and the speaker talking about the gross revenues of some client or other and our comptroller turning to me and saying, “A billion here, a billion there. Pretty soon you’re … Continue reading

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Turning Towards, Turning Away

In the face of a traumatic event (especially one called “incomprehensible”), we either run to the facts—what happened? why did it happen? what were the causes for this effect?—covering up our feelings, our shock, our horror, our sorrow with the … Continue reading

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Dinosaur, Jr.

A friend won some tickets so I got to go see Dinosaur, Jr. on Friday night at the Paradise. They were loud, of course, but not as loud as the last time I saw them. This time, I appreciated and … Continue reading

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