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Narratives Over Numbers?

On the Sunday when the Patriots were due to play the Ravens in their conference championship game, I picked up the Sunday Globe and saw this story about Ray Lewis. When I read the following paragraph— But in the years since, … Continue reading

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Why We Do the Things We Do

People often do this or that, not because they want to do this or that, but because they want to be the kind of person who does this or that.

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Joe Lovano, Regattabar, October 14, 2010

Das Ganze ist das Unwahre. – Theodor Adorno It was some months ago now that I saw Joe Lovano and the Us Five band (pianist James Weidman, bassist Peter Slavov, who was filling in for the suddenly famous Esperanza Spalding, … Continue reading

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Epistemology versus Ethics

A local, recently gender-reassigned nanny drove a car which featured the following bumper sticker: While sympathetic to the sentiment expressed, believing, as I do, that reality, taken in the totality of its sordid, mundane, and astonishing details, is nothing if … Continue reading

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Isn’t Nature Wonderful?

A few months back at the playground with my children, we found a hatchling that had been knocked out of its nest by a thunderstorm. It was lying on the ground, half covered with ants, but twitching because it was … Continue reading

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Are Ethics the End of Reason?

When someone deems your actions “unethical,” they generally mean, “your actions do not conform to a specific ethical standard’s notion of ‘right action’ and thus belong to the category of  ‘wrong action’.” When you ask them the basis for their … Continue reading

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