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A Disappointing Film About Norwegian Black Metal

I watched the documentary film Until the Night Takes Us and was disappointed. I really think it fails on every level. Neither a true “history” of black metal (Norwegian or otherwise) nor a revealing portrait of the genre’s main innovators (Fenriz … Continue reading

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How High Was My Fire (or Why High on Fire Matters)

Easily the best band on earth. I sincerely hope other bands pay attention and decide to eschew all the pretension and all the trends and just focus on creating real, honest-to-God ART. That’s a rare thing these days. – urdisturbing … Continue reading

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Metal Age

Looking for Slayer videos on YouTube I came across this: “Reek of Putrefaction,” by Carcass. Apparently the video was shot on the “Grindcrusher” Tour in 1989. The tour got it’s name from an amazing compilation which I bought on cassette … Continue reading

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The Ecstasies of Metal

Learn from the mystics is my only advice. – Roxy Music [misheard] A friend suggested that I write a review of the Opeth show I attended on Saturday, May 2, 2009. I find myself quite incapable of doing so because, … Continue reading

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