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It’s Just Not Natural

It always puzzles me when people dismiss homosexuality, or frankly, any particular human behavior, as “unnatural.”  It puzzles me because people who hold this view are not thereby saying that homosexuality is physically impossible. Indeed, its physical possibility is a … Continue reading

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Blogging Every Day

Somebody told me, “You could have it made/But you talk too much.” – from “Secret Face” If I’m going to blog everyday, I’m going to have to keep this stuff mercifully brief. Which will mean going against my nature. Does … Continue reading

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Man against Nature, Nature against God

Conservative critic Ross Douthat recently took James Cameron and Hollywood to task for rampant pantheist sympathies writing that pantheism “represents a form of religion that even atheists can support.” While I believe he is mistaken to equate, as he does, … Continue reading

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Isn’t Nature Wonderful?

A few months back at the playground with my children, we found a hatchling that had been knocked out of its nest by a thunderstorm. It was lying on the ground, half covered with ants, but twitching because it was … Continue reading

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