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The Trouble with Capitalism

When I was a student, I was a communist sympathizer. I say “sympathizer” because, while I was never a Communist Party member, I was sympathetic to the critique that capitalism was a system based on exploitation and that the ends … Continue reading

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Liberal Media Bias or Right-Wing Disinformation Campaign?

Where Does Information Come From? I was following the #Resist44 hashtag on Twitter (which was an anti-Obama response to the #Gen44 hashtag) when I noticed an avatar that read, “WAR ON MARXIST THUGS.” Since I follow at least one other … Continue reading

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The Court Jester

To a satirist The court jester may speak truth to power, cloaked, of course, in jest. And while there is power in this, the jester, alas, may not hold power. Power is serious, and who can take a jester seriously? … Continue reading

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A Disappointing Film About Norwegian Black Metal

I watched the documentary film Until the Night Takes Us and was disappointed. I really think it fails on every level. Neither a true “history” of black metal (Norwegian or otherwise) nor a revealing portrait of the genre’s main innovators (Fenriz … Continue reading

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Consensus, Hierarchy and the #Occupy Movement

A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook: It explains the consensus process used by the Occupy Wall Street folks. I lived in a cooperative house in college that relied on this process to make all decisions, so I … Continue reading

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Is There a “Neutral” Space in the World?

There are (at least) two worlds. There is the physical world, the “real” world, where spatial distance makes a big difference. For example, depending on which side of the United States’ border with Mexico you live, you may actually find … Continue reading

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On Message

In my post about Odd Future, I said that music today—”mainstream” music, pop, country, “urban,” etc.—was devoid of message; it goes without saying that I was referring to a “political” message. The messages of today’s music, on the contrary, from … Continue reading

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Unions, Business and the State

I listened to this episode of the Diane Rehm Show last night and became increasingly depressed about China’s human rights record. While already long aware of China’s ongoing crackdown on Falun Gong adherents and artists like Ai Weiwei (where is he?), … Continue reading

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Two and a Half Thoughts on Charlie Sheen

I’ve recently become obsessed with Charlie Sheen. This obsession—which is far from mine alone—must be understood against the backdrop of current events. On the one hand, there is the spectacular political turmoil in the “Arab World,” whereby the successful regime … Continue reading

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The Apolitical Blues

“The best lack all conviction, while the worst /Are full of passionate intensity.” – W.B. Yeats I didn’t watch the State of the Union address last night; I was playing jazz with my friends. When I was younger, I might … Continue reading

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