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Narratives Over Numbers?

On the Sunday when the Patriots were due to play the Ravens in their conference championship game, I picked up the Sunday Globe and saw this story about Ray Lewis. When I read the following paragraph— But in the years since, … Continue reading

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Real Money

I remember listening to a presentation at a business meeting and the speaker talking about the gross revenues of some client or other and our comptroller turning to me and saying, “A billion here, a billion there. Pretty soon you’re … Continue reading

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Turning Towards, Turning Away

In the face of a traumatic event (especially one called “incomprehensible”), we either run to the facts—what happened? why did it happen? what were the causes for this effect?—covering up our feelings, our shock, our horror, our sorrow with the … Continue reading

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Reality Is My Religion

I can’t say that I believe in God, but I do believe that there is a real reality. Yes, I’ve heard about relativity and multiple universes and even the astral plane. And, yes, I understand that seen at a certain … Continue reading

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Check Out the Levels

I have a friend who, when I first met him, spent a lot of time making trompe l’oeil drawings (well, really doodles in the margins of lecture notes he was taking). One night he was showing us some of these … Continue reading

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