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Life Lessons

So, this morning, I was writing in my diary on the subway and I thought, “If I were to die, and someone found this book, what would I want them to know?” There are always more options than you realize … Continue reading

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Good Enough Is Good Enough, OK?

I heard someone today say, “Nowadays, good enough just isn’t good enough.” I disagree. Good enough, by definition, is good enough. If it weren’t good enough, then it wouldn’t be. But behind the statement is a more general cultural consensus … Continue reading

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Fundamentalism vs. Liberalism

I just realized that in two recent posts, one on class warfare and the other on the Web, I raised the issue of “neutrality.” In the first instance, I was considering the neutrality of the state and specifically the liberal, constitutional … Continue reading

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Is Science Satanic?

“Oh, who can wonder at that old reproach against science, that it is atheistical?” – from The Confidence-Man, by Herman Melville For a long time I’ve harbored the notion that enmity towards the Devil stems not from the bad things … Continue reading

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What Do You Want to Do with Your Life?

My posts on Aquent’s blog sometimes got kind of philosophical. Here’s an example which should help you dodge the question, “What do you want to do with your life?” It first appeared on September 20, 2008. – Matt About twenty … Continue reading

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Not a Day Without a Line

As an undergraduate I took a class on Russian literature. One of the books we read was Envy by Yury Olesha. As I recall, the professor, whose name I cannot recall, though I do recall her telling me that she … Continue reading

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