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Is That True?

I once worked for a CEO who would, when someone made a declarative statement such as, “Toothpaste is made with formaldehyde and detergent,” frequently ask, “Is that true?” It always surprised me how disarmed I felt when he would ask … Continue reading

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@WalterBenjamin: Twitter, Cyberflânerie, and the Aestheticization of Politics

Below is the text of a proposal I submitted to a conference entitled “Critical Speculations: Future Worlds, Perilous Histories, and Walter Benjamin Unbound” which will be held at SUNY Albany September 28-29, 2012 At the very end of his much-cited—and frequently … Continue reading

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Fundamentalism vs. Liberalism

I just realized that in two recent posts, one on class warfare and the other on the Web, I raised the issue of “neutrality.” In the first instance, I was considering the neutrality of the state and specifically the liberal, constitutional … Continue reading

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