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Perhaps Yours Are Not the Eyes for These Posts

When you read these posts, you may say to yourself, “What the hell is this stuff? What’s he getting at? How can anyone take this seriously?” These posts may be meaningless, absurd, and frivolous to you. But maybe I’m not … Continue reading

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Review and Rehearsal

Several years ago I read J. Allan Hobson’s The Dream Drugstore: Chemically Altered States of Consciousness and though I found the book somewhat frustrating, as I wrote in this review, I did learn a thing or two from it. First … Continue reading

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The Web of Intentions

John Battelle recently pointed out that Google is compiling a Database of Intention (strictly speaking, he pointed this out back in 2003). Said database is comprised of every search ever entered, every list of results every tendered, and every click-path … Continue reading

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Just a Moment

Went to see a jazz trio called “Fly” last night: Mark Turner (saxophone), Larry Grenadier (bass), Jeff Ballard ) drums. Their performance reminded me how much I love improvised music played by intuitive and gifted people who know how to … Continue reading

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