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Perhaps Yours Are Not the Eyes for These Posts

When you read these posts, you may say to yourself, “What the hell is this stuff? What’s he getting at? How can anyone take this seriously?”

These posts may be meaningless, absurd, and frivolous to you.

But maybe I’m not talking to you.

Think about a time you heard a song that you found horrible, or a movie that was ridiculously sentimental or preposterously plotted.

Maybe it just wasn’t meant for you.

As writers, it behooves us to think clearly about our audience. For whom are we writing?

As readers, it behooves us to think about ourselves and, when confronted with something that does not speak to us, or even disturbs and insults us, to consider that other possible self for whom it would be soothing, inspiring or enjoyable.

Enlightenment lies on the path between this person (this person, right here) and that person.

Addendum: On Twitter I follow a number of people with whom I disagree. Every time they post something appalling, I think about unfollowing them. I don’t, because I don’t want to close the door on the otherness they embody; I don’t want to live in world that is merely a painstakingly constructed reflection of myself, my biases, and my dreams.

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2 Responses

  1. Eric Cornell says:

    With ever more powerful search engines and filters becoming available, with ever more adept learning algorithms, I anticipate soon reaching the point where I never again have to read, watch, or listen to anything that might stretch my fragile sense of self. Only then can I be truly happy and at ease.

    Oh, and some of your posts will be first against the wall, you dangerous wacko.

    Ahhh. Peace.

  2. admin says:

    First of all, Eric, I can’t express how much I appreciate that you take the time to read and comment on these posts. They are meant for your eyes.

    Second of all, when you call me a “dangerous whacko,” it only hurts because it reminds me that I really don’t go all that far with this stuff. From this day forward, the gloves are off. World wide web, you are officially “on notice”!