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Death Undoes Us

It does.

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Space is Money

Everyone says, “Time is money.” But isn’t it more true that space is money? I can’t increase the amount of time I have. In fact, I can’t possess time in any real sense because, in a very real sense, time … Continue reading

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Turning Towards, Turning Away

In the face of a traumatic event (especially one called “incomprehensible”), we either run to the facts—what happened? why did it happen? what were the causes for this effect?—covering up our feelings, our shock, our horror, our sorrow with the … Continue reading

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Isn’t Nature Wonderful?

A few months back at the playground with my children, we found a hatchling that had been knocked out of its nest by a thunderstorm. It was lying on the ground, half covered with ants, but twitching because it was … Continue reading

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