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Space is Money

Everyone says, “Time is money.” But isn’t it more true that space is money?

I can’t increase the amount of time I have. In fact, I can’t possess time in any real sense because, in a very real sense, time doesn’t exist.

Time is not; it’s more like the is-ing or is-ness of everything. (I think a Nazi philosopher once wrote about this.)

By contrast, I can increase the amount of space (actual, physical space) that I own and control. In fact, through rents and the extraction of natural resources, this space can be fairly easily converted into money.

The notion that “time is money” is the expression of a wish: the wish for immortality. If time were something that we could accumulate and hoard, then we could, through force of will, stave off death, the end of our specific time.

But time doesn’t work that way.

Nor does money.

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2 Responses

  1. Chris Hofmann says:

    Hey Matt,

    You might enjoy this nihilistic vid:

    A bit of soothing melancholy over the memorial day weekend.

    Miss your wit and humor on Marketing Profs podcast! What happened, did your “boss”, object to your refusal to subscribe to naked career boosterism? You let a comment slip in your second to last show, that I thought wouldn’t go over with even the enlightened Markprofs leadership.

    I’m with you, of course, and feel JPS’ nausea at the thought that we must exist in this utterly pathetic state of self-promote or perish.

  2. admin says:

    Ha, Chris.

    I’ll have to go back and listen to the Dorie Clark episode to hear the comment to which you refer.

    I actually moved on to a new job (at Aquent) doing content strategy and I wasn’t going to be abIe keep up regular production of the podcast, so I handed it off.

    Of course, my decision to take this job and leave the podcast is kind of symptomatic of my anti-career-boosterism, if you really look at it.

    Thanks for reading, listening and leaving a comment! I’ll check out the vid.