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New Podcast Episode: Lauren Schellenbach on Red Diaper Babies and Stuff

n538904522_120002_4821I’ve posted the second official installment of my Smallish Circle Podcast entitled, “Lauren Schellenbach on Lesbians, Red Diaper Babies, and Living in Los Angeles.” I’ve known Lauren for many years now and am very pleased to introduce her to the wider world via the miracle of podcasting.

If you are interested in communist childhood lore, how to become a lesbian, or why good food is so hard to find in Los Angeles, you should listen to this podcast. If you would like to hear what it sounds like when Vox Femina, the chorus in which Lauren sings and on whose board she serves as chair, cuts loose, you can check that out here. If you would like to catch future episodes of Matthew T. Grant’s Smallish Circle, subscribe via iTunes.

Finally, if you would like to hear the still, small voice which speaks to you with undying love from the center of your heart, just be very, very quiet.

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