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Academic Time

If you have never attended the MLA or any other conference in the humanities, then you may not be aware that the traditional mode of presentations at these affairs is “slow reading.” That is, people sit at a skirted table … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed These Tweets

I spend more time tending my Twitter garden than I do planting bulbs here in my own backyard. To remedy this, I’m attempting a little cross-pollination and invite you, dear reader, to drink deep from my Twitter well. Just look … Continue reading

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Thought Ronin

I’ve been a “thought ronin” for going on a year now. In the same way that the lone gunslinger is a staple of the Western, ronin (“masterless samurai”) have been staple figures, and frequently protagonists, in samurai films from the … Continue reading

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Getting Serious about #onewordwednesday

I launched the incredibly successful Twitternet phenomenon, #onewordwednesday, in May 2009, at least by my reckoning. The fact that on every subsequent Wednesday (and sometimes earlier) the hashtag has seen action, and not just due to my own fervid zealotry, … Continue reading

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A Brief History of #onewordwednesday

About three months ago, I wanted to see if I could launch a trending hashtag and the hashtag I hit on was #onewordwednesday. My first tweet containing that hashtag read, “meme #onewordwednesday.” I quickly discovered that I was not the … Continue reading

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