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Power, Simply

I believe there is no legitimate power or illegitimate power. There is only power. If you view a particular instance of power as ‘illegitimate,” it’s probably because you are on the other side of it. Even legitimate power—say, the power … Continue reading

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Death Undoes Us

It does.

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It’s Just Not Natural

It always puzzles me when people dismiss homosexuality, or frankly, any particular human behavior, as “unnatural.”  It puzzles me because people who hold this view are not thereby saying that homosexuality is physically impossible. Indeed, its physical possibility is a … Continue reading

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Space is Money

Everyone says, “Time is money.” But isn’t it more true that space is money? I can’t increase the amount of time I have. In fact, I can’t possess time in any real sense because, in a very real sense, time … Continue reading

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On Religious Tolerance

When we are asked to “tolerate” the religious views of others, the assumption is that we harbor no religious views of our own or, at least, that such views do not lay claim to absolute truth. In other words, calls … Continue reading

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The Bad News

The Finnish eco-fascist Pennti Linkola once said that, “The most central and irrational faith among people is the faith in technology and economical growth.” Along the same lines, he also opined, “”Any dictatorship would be better than modern democracy. There cannot … Continue reading

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I Got Nothing

You know how people say that when they got nothing? Well, that’s why I’m saying it now.

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Focus Means Saying “No”

Back in August I became conscious of this fellow, Derek Sivers, who created CD Baby (later selling it for $22 million and giving the proceeds to a charitable trust for music education). If you poke around his blog, you’ll quickly … Continue reading

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Negativity is Endless

We were talking about all the things that we’d missed out on and I realized that negativity is endless. There is no limit to what might have been. The negative knows no bounds. For every definite thing that is, there is … Continue reading

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Playing It Safe

An old friend accused me of “playing it safe” on my blog. Apparently, writing about death metal, however aesthetically outlandish the music or my love of it may be, is of little consequence, big picture-wise. Of course, I thought that … Continue reading

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