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Six Views of a Machine Gun

Inspired by Chuck Klostermann’s inspiring analysis of Led Zeppelin’s last performance at Knebworth. Thanks, Chuck. 1. Jimi Hendrix kicked off the last year of his life (1970) playing a series of shows at the Fillmore East with the Band of … Continue reading

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The Web and Total Surveillance

Years ago I became obsessed with Ezra Pound, the fascist poet, and so I was reading a magazine article about his stay in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and there was a fuzzy photo of Pound in there and the caption read something … Continue reading

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On Message

In my post about Odd Future, I said that music today—”mainstream” music, pop, country, “urban,” etc.—was devoid of message; it goes without saying that I was referring to a “political” message. The messages of today’s music, on the contrary, from … Continue reading

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Two and a Half Thoughts on Charlie Sheen

I’ve recently become obsessed with Charlie Sheen. This obsession—which is far from mine alone—must be understood against the backdrop of current events. On the one hand, there is the spectacular political turmoil in the “Arab World,” whereby the successful regime … Continue reading

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Publish and Perish

There are many reasons why my academic career didn’t pan out, but among them is undoubtedly the fact that I didn’t publish very much. For example, I never turned my dissertation on the Baader-Meinhof Gang into a book (though part … Continue reading

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Check Out the Levels

In Ithaca, my friend Art once told me that he hated it when people spoke of “levels” as in, “We’re seeing a whole other level of play on the court today.” (I had just told him that, having finished my … Continue reading

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Formalism versus Fundamentalism

As some of you may recall, and many of you will not, Frances Fukuyama published a book in 1992 entitled, The End of History and the Last Man. Fukuyama’s thesis therein was that, with the ascendancy of societies combining a … Continue reading

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