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Going to Chicago: Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer, October 21-22

MP_DMM_BloggerBadgeAre you planning on going to MarektingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer to be held in Chicago on October 21 and 22?

I know that’s just around the corner, but it’s not too late to register (and, just between you and me, get a $200 discount off full conference registration if you use the following secret code: DMBLG). It’s also not too late to get a cheap-ish flight (under $200 round-trip through Orbitz if you aren’t too picky about departure times and lay-overs).

Of course, saving money is never a good reason to do anything, so here’s my [full disclosure] sponsored* plug for the mixer.

I’ve attended two of these events here in Boston, once as a panel moderator and once through my affiliation with a corporate sponsor. In both cases, I found the experience personally and professionally rewarding.

First of all, I got to meet a lot of cool people with cool ideas doing cool stuff by leveraging emergent technology and finding new and novel uses for marketing technology that’s been around for a while.

Second of all, I got to know more folks from the MarketingProfs community, all of whom have very high standards for the quality and applicability of the information generated by said community and many of whom were quite candid about the presentations and conversations that met those standards and those that fell short.

Finally of all, I was able to make a number of business contacts which opened up a number of interesting opportunities and have led to actual business! Ironically, I didn’t attend these events with business development as an express goal, but that was one of the tangible results.

In summation, cool people, cool ideas, and cool opportunities await you at the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer in Chi-town. And, as if that weren’t enough, I will be awaiting you there as well. Join us!

*Full Disclosure: Since I don’t want myself or my friends at MarketingProfs to run afoul of the FTC’s new guidelines on blogger endorsement, let me clearly state that, in exchange for this plug as well as additional posts on or about the event itself, I will receive a pass to the conference and, if any of y’all actually register as a result of my efforts, I will also receive some ducats.

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